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Security cabin

Item No.: TP-SC
Security box 
Security box, a common product, you can everywhere in city, factory, warehouse etc.
Customized size, around and big window design, make it more suitable to your special demands.

Security Cabin


Security cabin is everywhere you can see now, it is a common product for every country.
Using steel structure as frame and sandwich panel as wall & roof.  All materials are pre-made in factory, can be sent finished installation, only connect electric supply on site is OK. Also can be sent by bulk package, then assembly on site.
It is light and you can be very easy to move it. We make surrounding windows and a piece of glass on door for design, it can make a more open vision to improve effect of guard room.

Size 1.5*1.5*2.3m or Customized
Wall & roof 0.326+50+0.326mm EPS sandwich panel
Door EPS sandwich panel door with lock
Window PVC sliding window
Electricity Light and switch
More project please check: https://www.topprehouse.com/info/